Our Orthopaedic Department’s unique working methodology is an amalgamation of experience, expertise, observation, knowledge, and wisdom, with a combination of evidence derived from medical literature. We promise you compassionate, comprehensive, scientifically logical and realistic solutions for your orthopedic problems.

Providing a full spectrum of services to meet all the orthopaedic needs of children, adults and seniors. 


  • Complex upper and lower limb trauma
  • Knee reconstructive surgery (open and arthroscopic)
  • Shoulder reconstructive surgery (open and arthroscopic)
  • Joint replacement (Shoulder, hip and knee)
  • Elbow and ankle arthroscopy
  • Sports related ligament injuries
  • Sports related ligament injuries
  • Spine surgery
  • Deformity correction
  • Hand surgery
  • Foot and ankle surgery
  • Paediatric orthopaedics
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I met with an accident recently and my shoulder got dislocated. Luckily i found C DOT hospital nearby the place where i met with the accident. From the moment i entered the hospital till the end all the staffs were so friendly and so caring and Doctor Navin who is highly knowledgeable and friendly relocated my arm.. he kept checking on me every now and then. I would definitely recommend this hospital. Thanks C DOT and Doctor Navin for taking care of me.
Kevin Daniel
I have undergone an ACL surgery in my knee in C-DOT hospital and would like to share my experience to benefit people.
Doctor - Dr.Naveen is a good surgeon. He clearly explained about the surgery and the need for it. He is a kind person and has very good experience in Ortho Surgeries. He performed the surgery in a great manner and he took care of me well. I feel comfortable and good post surgery.
Dinesh Ramalingam
I had visited Dr.Navin for my ortho problem that i was suffering with for quite some time and tried many treatments like Varma,yoga etc but with no result for about 1.5 years. He not only explained in very simple and friendly terms and made me understand the issue , but did suggest the right physio treatment and am pain-free since then. Plus he did help me with suggesting treatment for my son's ortho condition and gave me a new perspective / solution for the same. Very gentle and talented professional.
Cinju Mohan