C-DOT provides the ultimate quality healthcare to infants and children. A blend of caring, innovation and dedication keeps us unique.We make it our responsibility to make sure your children have timely access to treatment in a caring environment. We welcome, support and respect each child who comes through our doors. Parents are our 'partners' in care because, by working together, we can provide every child with the medical attention they deserve. Our goal is not only to provide groundbreaking care but also to develop and recommend measures that will help prevent illness and injury before.

Caring hands, compassionate hearts
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Out Patient Treatement

Kids are divine angels! Each one of them deserves the best quality health care whenever needed and an all-round support all the time. Protecting their innocence and helping them live a prosperous life is our responsibility.


Keep your child's vaccine records up-to-date with us! Vaccination is the armour for our little ones. Get it done at C-DOT Hospital and protect your community with us.


Dr.V. Mohanram

Educational Qualification: M.D. F.diab(UK),CCGDM
Experience:13 Years

IN PATEIENT Treatement

The department equipped with the well qualified and experienced team of Pediatrics Specialist in C-DOT Hospital.

Paediatric nutrition

Growth is the main characteristic of childhood, and a sensitive indicator of the child’s nutritional status. Deviations in growth, especially reduced growth, are associated with an increased risk of diseases both in the short- and long-term. Monitoring growth is therefore an important tool for assessing the health and wellbeing of children.

Dr.Srinivasulu Reddy

Educational Qualification: M.B.B.S, MD (Pediatrics)
Experience:13 Years

Recent testimonials

"Very humble polite good to heart doctor. Always there for patient with smile on face. Strongly recommended hospital for all pediatric patients. Thanks and keep up the good work and care.
Uma Hemnath
"A caring and dedicated doctors in C-DOT Hospital, who reaches out - no matter what ... A shining star casting his warm glow on all he meets, with him calm & encouraging touch of love and compassion."
Balaji Rajendran